Thinking With Your Hands

In January of 2011, I gave a short presentation at “Ignite Craft,” an evening of 5 minute talks organized by the Common Cod Fiber Guild, which meets at MIT. The talk is a whirlwind tour of themes I am continuing to think about; it was my first “public airing” of these ideas, and certainly my first appearance on YouTube!


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3 responses to “Thinking With Your Hands

  1. I love what you’re creating here…I wish it were more often. Are there any of your listed publications that specifically speak to what you’re blogging about? Looking forward to the next entry.


    • Thanks for your comments. I’ll try to increase the pace this year, although I’m working hard to favor quality over quantity. I don’t have much published but if you tell me more about what sort of thing most interests you I might be able to send you something.

      I am working on a book and will be posting short snippets of work in progress over the course of the coming year.

      Thanks for your enthusiasm.


      • I’m an organizational consultant so I’m interested in anything related to experiential learning and adults “learning with things” sounds powerful. Have you noticed if they need to be “physical things” or will non-physical, perhaps computer generated, things produce thinking insights – assuming they can be manipulated? Any examples in this area would be enjoyable…but everything you’re already doing is fun too!

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